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Our professionally trained and experienced staff at Mr Kwila are here to assist you with all of your Merbau timber needs.

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Whether you are looking for Merbau timber for decking, flooring or furniture, we have all of your needs covered.

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With many years of experience under our belt supplying high quality Merbau timber for a wide range of projects and uses, we have built a strong reputation amongst our Brisbane client base.

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About Mr Kwila Timber

If you are looking for high quality Merbau timber for your next project in the Brisbane area, then you should look towards our outstanding Merbau products at Mr Kwila. Merbau timber has been given a "Rating One" by the Australian Department of Primary Industries and it is renowned for being incredibly stable and resistant to splitting.

As a result of its high quality and stability merbau timber is used for a wide range of projects, including flooring & decking, step treads, staircases, boat building and outdoor posts. As a tropical hardwood with a hardness factor of 8.6, it is rated higher than other popular products, such as Jarrah and Teak, making it a great timber for a vast array of outdoor and indoor uses.

Further Information on Mr Kwila:

Mr Kwila is located at 66 Raynham Street in the southern Brisbane suburb of Salisbury and has a strong reputation for supplying high quality Merbau timber for all types of clientele in Brisbane. From residents to tradespeople and large businesses, our timber specialists can provide our quality Merbau timber that is cut to your exact specifications.

So if you want to find out more about how our range of Merbau products can increase the value of your property, please contact our professional team at Mr Kwila today.

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  • Merbau Timber
  • T & G SN EM Flooring 80 x 19
  • T & G SN EM Flooring 130 x 19
  • T & G SN EM Flooring 180 x 19
  • Step Treads - 240 x 42
  • Step Treads - 290 x 42
  • Handrails - 90 x 42
  • Handrails - 140 x 42
  • Kwila Timber

No job is too big or small for our team of Kwila timber experts at Mr Kwila.

If you would like to order our Merbau timber from our Brisbane timber yard, please contact our team at Mr Kwila today

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    Quality Timber

    At Mr Kwila we strive to provide the highest quality Kwila timber products to our Brisbane clients.

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    Merbau Timber

    We provide our Merbau timber products for a wide range of projects and ideas in the Brisbane area.

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    With our timber services, we enable you to order your Merbau timber for your specifications.

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    Timber Supplies

    Our range of Merbau timber products are perfect for all of your architectural timber needs.